Tracker’s continued support of MathU, which is an app powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assists learners with their mathematics and science through adaptive learning, is making a real, measurable impact in the lives of South African learners, the company’s executive for human capital, Grace Dipale, said.

The partnership, which has been empowering Grades 10, 11 and 12 learners at Magaliesburg State School to excel in mathematics and physical science, has been extended to Grade 12 students at Tembisa High School for the current academic year.

Tracker, on the other hand, is the country’s giant tracking company that uses data to collect information to retrieve stolen items such as vehicles and cellphones.

Participating learners receive an android mobile device preloaded with the MathU GO application that includes the relevant Department of Education’s Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) aligned mathematics content, and a MathU GO hardcover learning guide appropriate for their grade.

Teachers receive training and access to the MathU GO monitoring portal, which provides detailed breakdowns of a group’s performance as well as individual performance metrics.

“At Tracker we are passionate about education and ensuring that we play our part in contributing towards the education of our children within the communities where we operate.

“This is what leads us to not only continue but also grow our partnership with MathU where learning and growing is only a button away,” said Dipale said.

Speaking during the launch at Tembisa High School, Dipale said MathU was designed in such a way that it created “a virtual teaching assistant for each learner”.

“The proprietary AI system generates a learning pathway based on the learner’s performance. Learners have access to instant and immediate feedback on their progress. If a learner is struggling to master a section, the MathU application is capable of providing the assistance that was previously only available to students during one-on-one sessions with teachers. In addition, learners are able to access the course content offline, making it ideal for deployment in rural areas,” she explained.

“The MathU learning suite is a Swiss-based tutoring aid that can greatly advance the academic absorption rate within technical fields such as mathematics if administrated correctly. We maximise the quality of learning by providing learners with the necessary information when they need it. Our rewards system, which uses incentives, plays a big part in the motivation of learners,”said Willem Burger, MathU CEO.

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