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The MathU Method is using adaptive learning to help kids get stellar results. Our computer algorithms create unique learning pathways for each student and help them focus on the areas where they need more help. By serving content that’s directly relevant to each learner’s specific needs, we can create learning experiences based on their responses to concepts, exercises and assessments.

MathU draws on the latest advances in computer science, AI, psychometrics and psychology to deliver unique educational solutions.

Traditional classroom teaching methods are designed for mass consumption, and as such, are aimed at average learners. The individual strengths and weaknesses of students who may be brighter, or struggling, tend to get overlooked.

Fortunately, the world has changed. Today’s students expect to consume customised content in every area of their lives – so why should the classroom be any different?

Contemporary education should be all about personalised learning experiences that adapt to meet their specific needs. That’s exactly what MathU delivers: highly customised and individual learning paths for each student.

MathU has listened to how learners want to learn and we’re helping to drive a generational shift toward individualised instruction across the education spectrum.

We’re changing the world, one math problem at a time. Join us.


WA Burger



MathU: Outreach Impact

During the 2017 academic year, Tracker Connect and MathU Teaching Emporium joined forces to create a community upliftment project for the development of Math and Science at Magaliesburg State School.

This project proposed an academic skills development initiative to optimise collateral benefit to select learners in Grade 11 and 12. Academic skills in arid regions of the world are usually meagre, and opportunities for young people are few.

The MathU project offered the tools and resources to establish a platform for academic e-learning by providing internet access and facilitating distance-based learning initiatives.

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