We are a South African company located at Pretoria that specialises in Artificial Intelligence and software engineering. MathU presents the first tutoring system that use state of the art engineering principles to map, monitor and to assess progress.

MathU Teaching Emporium is established by engineers and scientists who are passionate about mathematics and science education. The MathU GO App is an in-hand mobile learning tool that will enhance the facilitation of artisan learning.

MathU also teaches classes weekly from Monday to Thursday afternoons, 16:00 – 18:00. We accommodate all learners from Grade 5 to Grade 12 and facilitate both CAPS and IEB curriculum.

Made by engineers.
For students.
Empowered by Artificial Intelligence.


W.A Burger

CEO & Founder

W.A Burger is a South African educator and entrepreneur who founded MathU Teaching Emporium. He worked in various engineering & management positions after graduating from Stellenbosch University with a Bachelor degree in Civil engineering. He began his business career as an entrepreneur in 2009 by starting Math911 tutoring. He joined the Department of Water & Sanitation in 2013, becoming a hydraulic engineer focusing on river construction and design with his passion for education growing. After his career as a hydraulic engineer, he started a software company called Instasense. WA holds one patent in the field of engineering and officially launched MathU Teaching Emporium in 2017 in Pretoria as a software provider for the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) industry. With a love for both mathematics and physics, WA Burger runs as the CEO of MathU.

Nico-Ben de Villiers


Dr de Villiers received a bachelor’s degree in Civil engineering from the University of Stellenbosch in 2011. Immediately after he started a postgraduate degree in civil engineering informatics, with focus towards exploiting artificial intelligence algorithms to solve real world engineering applications. After successfully upgrading his master’s thesis to Ph.D in early 2014 he obtained the degree in 2018. Since 2016 he has focused on the management and development of software products for both local and international clients in the engineering space. Dr de Villiers runs as the CTO of MathU.

Hentus Honiball

Marketing advisor

Hentus Honiball holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a MBA. Hentus has 20 years of consulting experience within business strategy formulation and execution, business model design, business growth strategies and alignment of business systems with operating models. Hentus is a trusted advisor to various corporate boards and executives within industry. As he is passionate about people reaching their full potential, he assists the MathU management team with expanding the reach of MathU’s operating model and how best to manage the balance between adding value and commercialisation of MathU’s intellectual property.


Lebhogang Moabinyane

Data capturer

Lebho is a data capturer for Mathu Teaching Emporium and Office assistant for Instasense. Beyond his capturing, he is learning how to code.


Junie Kim

Graphics artist

Junie Kim is a creative expert and takes lead in the areas such as Graphics & UI design for MathU Teaching Emporium. Junie studied in the University of Pretoria and earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Design (honours). Junie likes writing and studying French.



Founding Story

The MathU concept was born out of a final year engineering thesis. The thesis themed ”Skills development to optimise community participation for the SKA telescope”, proposed a skills development initiative to optimise collateral benefit to the community from the Square Kilometre Array telescope project in South Africa. The South African Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Project is a project of the National Department of Science and Technology, and is administered through the SKA South Africa a business of the National Research Foundation.


Mission Statement

People learn in different ways. MathU analyzes how learners interact with learning content creating smart and innovative paths by tailoring personal content to enhance educational experiences.

Our ultimate goal is to give everyone access to a private tutor experience through our technology.


MathU Business verticals

While the primary focus of this document will be MathU GO and the corresponding CSI project, it is nonetheless important to note that MathU Teaching Emporium has multiple business avenues, each focusing on different markets.

Results & Impact that we have made

Impact that MathU has made with outreach programs

During the academic year of 2017, Tracker Connect in a joint operation with MathU Teaching Emporium engaged on a community upliftment project for the development of Mathematics & Science for Magalliesburg State School. This project proposed an academic skills development initiative to optimise collateral benefit to select learners in Grade 11 & 12.

Academic skills in arid regions of the world are usually meagre, and opportunities for young people are few. The MathU project offered the tools and resources to establish a platform for academic electronic learning by providing internet access and facilitating distance-based learning initiatives.


Results from initial pilot project in 2017








Other outcomes

Further outcomes of the project were to motivate learners to enrol in technical study paths by exposing them to engineers and software developers. Tracker Connect is classified under information communications and Technology (ICT) according to the BEE codes and therefore are required to support programs which will help to bridge the digital divide.

The MathU project allowed Tracker Connect to assist in the academical preparations for learners and to encourage further studies in information technology or engineering. The responsibility for the delivery of quality education is the primary task of the Department of Basic Education.

However, due to South Africa’s history and limited resources, quality education is a matter that should be of concern to all of society and corporate support is highly valued.

Also, businesses such as Tracker Connect has made considerable contributions in supporting curriculum innovation and technical infrastructure. The needs in some of our schools are nothing short of dire and stretch across the entire spectrum -including infrastructure development, curriculum interventions and support, teacher development, school nutrition, enrichment programs and sport.

Following the deployment of the MathU Androids in 2018 as part of our Mathematics outreach program, the PEACE foundation (NPO) handed out evaluation questionnaires to students as an independent study. A sample of 32 respondents were selected. 10 questions were to assess the MathU’s effectiveness in assisting students with their mathematics and science. The respondents were averaging between 20-29% in mathematics and science prior to receiving the app. After using the app their marks had improved, and the average is now between 30-50% in these two subjects.

As a result of the repeated testing of students, throughout the year, one student’s improvement deserves special mention. This learner originally scored 7.5% on an assessment at the start of the initiative and went on to score 57.5% on an assessment of the same difficulty after only 3 months of MathU being available to him. Similar results of astounding improvements by learners are appearing throughout the program.