MathU helps students Ace exams

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the schooling system has been severely disrupted, with students falling behind almost an entire school year.

In no time, teachers had to adapt to the new educational norms. With issues like rotational attendance, intermittent school cancellations, and days off for specific grades, students have lost approximately 54% of their learning time.

To make matters worse, UNICEF estimates that 750,000 students are now out of school, with approximately 500,000 who dropped out in the past 16 months.

“The reality is that South Africa cannot afford to lose another learner or another hour of learning time,” said Christine Muhigana, UNICEF South Africa Representative.

Consequently, as students knuckle down for yet another round of year-end exams, MathU Teaching Emporium offers custom exam packs that are guaranteed to help them succeed.

Whether you’re in grade 8 or tackling the last stretch of matric, our team of skilled educators have put together exam packs loaded with previous exam papers, tips and tricks, exercises, assessments, memorandums and tutorial videos explaining difficult concepts.

“Along with the previous exams and various assessments, we’ve also included a few pointers that most students aren’t aware of. For instance, during the financial section of the exam paper, it is important that they know i (for interest rate) and n (time period) count as independent marks, even if you use the wrong formula,” said Christine Le Roux, Mathematics Specialist at MathU Teaching Emporium.

Furthermore, MathU has incorporated material from both the CAPS and IEB curriculum – giving students access to a broader scope of mathematics and physical science content.

To access MathU’s learning materials, students only need to download the MathU Infinity App from their respective App Store and register.