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MathU Teaching Emporium is a South African company company located at Pretoria that specialises in many Artificial Intelligence software.

MathU Teaching Emporium proudly presents the first tutoring system ever that use state of the art engineering principles to map, monitor and to assess progress.

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About MathU CSI Programme

The initiative gives high school children access to a mobile android device preloaded with the MathU GO application, the relevant MathU digital mathematics or science content and the MathU learning guide publication. Together, these items form a world class education tool students can use to learn mathematics and science in their own time. It is important to note that this solution is tailor made for the African continent where data scarcity is commonplace in rural areas. The entire MathU GO platform is accessible by students with no data connectivity.


What schools qualify to benefit from MathU?

Any school where the beneficiaries are 75% black and previously disadvantaged can qualify for support. It remains the prerogative of the sponsor to decide which school(s) they would like to sponsor. Some sponsors already have long standing relationships with communities or schools in which case, MathU will be more than willing to assist with the on boarding thereof.

Schools that are already using MathU:


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Does your school qualify for MathU assistance?

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