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What makes the MathU GO app unique & special?

MathU GO is developed from the ground up with the African content and the unique challenges it faces in terms of education in mind. Rural areas often do not have readily available access to basic infrastructure, such as access roads or school buildings, and the internet.

The education system also lacks teachers not only in quantity, but also in quality. Teachers lack a firm grasp of the concepts they are expected to teach in the classroom, leading to an education system which perpetuates its own failures. MathU recognises these challenges and have actively addressed each. 

The MathU GO mobile application, together with all of its content, is entirely accessible without any internet connectivity.

Furthermore, the entire mathematics and science curriculum is presented from the mobile app and MathU learning guide. With this implementation learners are able to study their work from anywhere at anytime. No longer are students bound to the classroom, saving the education sector in infrastructure investment costs.

The MathU GO mobile application comes with its entire content suite preloaded. Students can, in their own time, study and learn the entire curriculum from their phone. The mobile application is constantly evaluating a learner’s performance, and automatically reinforcing required concepts where the current user is struggling. This, together with the future Connect To Tutor (CTC) service means the MathU GO platform can be used to teach learners science and mathematics from anywhere in the world.

 MathU GO Learning guide

What makes the MathU GO digital content unique & special?

Classic learning methodologies include a textbook with an abundance of theory, explained in painful detail through text, equations and mathematical diagrams. Thereafter followed by 3 or 4 example problems accompanied by written memorandums. This theory and very limited worked examples are all that’s available to the learner to understand the concepts, prior to exercises and assessments.

Often this proves insufficient for a thorough grasp of the relevant concepts. Consequently, students are required to master concepts by doing exercises. Usually, exercise problems are included and the final answer can be found in the back of the textbook.

If a student did not find the final answer, there is no way for them to understand where they’ve made the mistake. Students are left to repeatedly read the same text and worked examples hoping to eventually learn where they’ve made a wrong calculation in an entirely different problem.

This process is frustrating, and does not embody modern ways of learning, such as video content. A simple Google search reveals an abundance of research confirming that people learn faster and become more engaged with the subject matter when taught by video or even images.

MathU GO successfully addresses the challenges outlined above in various ways. The MathU GO learning guide does away with the traditional style of chapter text explanations, worked examples and exercises. Instead, the learning methodology is split between the learning guide and mobile application.



The learning guide is split into three parts: A, B and C.

Part A gives learners access to multiple video explanations, delivered by different teachers, of the necessary principles to understand a given sub chapter.

Part B is a comprehensive collection of exercise problems. Each problem is accompanied, via the mobile application, by a written answer, written memorandum and video memorandum.

Never does a student need to experience the frustration of not being able to find a memorandum to verify their own calculations again, furthermore they have access to a world class explanation of every step of each and every exercise from multiple engineers and teachers.

Part C is a thorough collection of assessments, which are graded immediately by the mobile application.

The AI evaluates the user’s current level of understanding based on their assessment performance and identifies the concepts that were lacking in the given exercise.

The AI then builds a tailored path to reinforce only those concepts that were lacking with the learner during the assessment. Once the learner completes their personalised learning path, the assessment once again becomes available and a learner can retake it to assess their understanding.

 Corporate Social Investments

What is MathU GO CSI project?



The MathU GO CSI Project is a corporate social investment initiate where companies can spend an amount of money relative to their yearly income to improve their BEE scorecard. The MathU GO project qualifies as ‘Socio-economic development by supporting black social causes’.

The initiative gives high school children access to a mobile android device preloaded with the MathU GO application, the relevant MathU digital mathematics or science content and the MathU learning guide publication. Together, these items form a world class education tool students can use to learn mathematics and science in their own time.

It is important to note that this solution is tailor made for the African continent where data scarcity is commonplace in rural areas. The entire MathU GO platform is accessible by students with no data connectivity.



Corporate Sponsors can spend an amount of money every financial year relative to their yearly income to improve their BEE scorecard rating under the ’Socio-economic Development by supporting black social causes’ pillar of BBBEE.



It is becoming critical for CSI investors to monitor and track the impact of their CSI spends, lest it go to corrupt causes. MathU GO offers a monitoring platform which shows CSI investors the students they have sponsored as well as their progress and performance in mathematics while using the MathU GO application.



It is well documented that the state of education in South Africa is abysmal. In an education system where the educators themselves often lack the technical knowledge taught in classes students are often without options if they wish to master technical concepts.

MathU GO offers students the opportunity to access mathematics and science content explained by multiple engineers and highly skilled educators in overwhelming detail. Rather than simply having access to explanation the one time in a classroom, MathU GO participants have access to hundreds of hours of video content explaining concepts, thousands of individual exercises with written answers and memorandums as well as video memorandums.

This content can be accessed at any time with no data connectivity requirements. Students have immediate access to content tailored for them specifically by the MathU AI to learn the most relevant concepts in order to master the required chapters.


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