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MathU is revolutionising the way maths, science and mathematical literacy are taught to students by empowering teachers. Our team saw an opportunity to use AI and innovative learning techniques to make maths more accessible and engaging for students, while also saving teachers valuable time. With our platform, teachers can spend less time on routine tasks such as grading assignments and creating lesson plans. Instead, they can focus on engaging with students, providing one-on-one support, and fostering a deeper understanding of maths concepts.

We are proud to say that our platform is being used by one of the largest school groups in South Africa, with thousands of users. We continuously improve and evolve the platform to meet the changing needs of teachers and students. Our goal is to empower teachers and make their lives easier while providing students with an interactive and personalised learning experience that would help them in achieving their academic goals.

MathU News

Groundbreaking digital learning platform developed in SA launched across ADvTECH Schools

In a first for the country, South Africa’s leading private education provider, ADvTECH, will this month start rolling out a unique, locally developed personalised learning digital platform across its schools....

ADvTECH partners with MathU to roll out customised platform for learners

ADvTECH, a South African education provider, has announced the roll-out of a new customised learning platform called ADvLEARN, which was developed in partnership with MathU...

South Africa: New digital learning platform launched across ADvTECH schools

In a first for the country, South Africa’s leading private education provider, ADvTECH, will this month start rolling out a unique, locally developed personalised learning digital platform across its schools...

Tech Tuesdays: ADvTECH

Faith is in conversation with Academic Advisor at ADvTECH Darren Purdon and Academic Head at ADvTECH's School Division Desiree Hugo about ADvTECH: Groundbreaking digital learning platform developed in SA launched across ADvTECH schools for Tech Tuesdays.

Our success stories.

From 75% to 99% in less than 2 months!

Mhlengi Shange, a 2021 matric graduate who was awarded the number 2 spot in South Africa for academics after joining our program.


“Very educational, and it helped me more than any other education program I've used. I wouldn't have passed math if it wasn't for MathU.”

- JJ Jordaan

App User

Good day,

My name is Gerard Manaaso, a math and science educator at ACUDEO College Thornview. In the past few years, we have been privileged to have MathU, which is an online learning platform that assists learners who are struggling with math and science. The platform gave learners content, videos and all relevant sources that they need to master the subjects. MathU was able to track learners' progress in terms of homework and class activities such as assessments. We as teachers had one job, which was to teach the content, and MathU would do the rest which was sending and marking homework, and giving feedback back to the teachers. We were relying on MathU in getting information about the progress of each learner and we should offer assistance to the learners. MathU and Tracker came in hand, in offering some of our top learners in Grade 10 some devices, and data to assist them in progressing forward. We are grateful for this opportunity from MathU, as a teacher I can say that this is a platform that can progress education in South Africa. In so saying, we are very privileged, to have had MathU as our assistant in this school. We wish MathU and its team all the best in going forward in their education journey! Thank you.”

- Gerard Manaaso


“I am a teacher at Magaliesburg State School, teaching Grade 10 mathematics. Since MathU came into our school, there has been a serious improvement in the learners as they are fully engaged and now love the subjects because of this program.”

- Mr Ndlovu


“The app is very user-friendly, with a design that makes it simple to navigate and use. The mass amount of courses cater to all high school students, regardless of their subjects. The material within the courses teaches the subject proficiently, with several required tests to examine the user's knowledge at the current time. All in all a fantastic app.”

- Mikyle Frank

App User

“This app is very useful. It teaches the basics in nice and short videos which makes it very user friendly.”

- Tanay Jairam

App User

Mr. Maligana

Principal at Kwena Molapo High School


“Great App. Great way to learn and practice math on your own.”

- Sibo Msimang

App User

“Omg so amazing and helpful, it's great for all Maths learners and I definitely recommend it.”

- Jade Gysman

App User

“The best mathematics app! It does not contain ads and I assure you that you will not regret downloading this app. It has questions and also tests and if you still don't understand, it has videos that will help you understand!!!!!!!! THE BEST.”

- Mohaule Family

App User

“A mathematics teacher at Kwena Molapo Comprehensive Farm School. I teach Grades 10, 11 and 12 mathematics. Our school has been using the MathU app since 2021 and it has made a huge contribution to the learning and love for mathematics. My learners' attitude towards math has changed, and it is all thanks to the MathU App. With the help of the app, I am able to track my learners' performance and add on where they might be lacking!”

- Ms Ikaneng


“This App is the best mathematics app that I have seen so far as it allows students to go back to previous work and do the problems and revision until they grasp the concept. Very helpful for grade 11 and 12 learners to go back to the previous year's work where they fell behind or did not fully grasp a concept at the time. Learners will definitely benefit by watching the short video clips with explanations of each and every kind of mathematical concept in the curriculum, going from basic principles to more advanced levels. This is a very helpful, practical, easy-to-use app .....and brilliantly presented!! As an Educational Psychologist, I often identify learners with mathematical problems and have to help them find tutors or extra math I can simply tell them about MATHU!!”

- Marion Le Roux


"My name is Mr Dlamini, I am an educator at Magaliesburg State School, and also the coordinator of the MathU program which helps our kids with their mathematics. It is a great project and is very helpful to the school. We really appreciate it, and hope to have continued access to this project. We also hope that we can start earlier next year because it does have an impact on the learners as well as the marks that these learners achieve."

- Mr Dlamini


Mr. L Mahlong

Principal at Acudeo College: Thornview


“Good morning,

This is my testimony on our sponsors, Tracker and MathU. I am Ms Moloyi, the HOD for math and math lit at Kwena Molapo Comprehensive Farm School. The program for MathU was introduced to us by Mr Lebho, which is a very good product that we are using. We are very pleased to work with you and we are so grateful and appreciate everything that the program has been doing with our learners as we are sitting with our Grade 11 learners that are excelling in their results. The program started last year and the learners excelling in their math and science as a result, we have plus minus 10 level 7 learners this year (learners scoring higher than 80%) and in Grade 12 we also have learners who, we are confident, will give us the same results as well. We will appreciate having the program again next year, with the very expensive gadgets that they are using, the gadgets that only allow learners to do MathU, and nothing else such as WhatsApp or social media, we like that about the program. The activities and videos are so helpful that even our teachers have started watching the videos found on devices to prepare for class and if you see a learner did not understand the concept clearly, we can send them back to do activities and watch additional videos. We are so grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep on doing the great work!”

- Ms Moloyi


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