From stationery clerk to operations manager

Lebhogang Moabinyane, the operations manager at MathU Teaching Emporium, is proof that hard work and determination can lead to endless opportunities.

Before occupying the role of operations manager, Lebho worked as a property assessor’s assistant at Real World Property, collecting data from different government facilities for upcoming budgets. 

Despite his hard work and ambition, the company went out of business three months after he began, leaving him with the difficult task of searching for new employment. 

As a year went by with no potential job openings, Lebho received a phone call from Ilse Burger inviting him to meet her husband – WA Burger – the CEO and Founder of Blue Sheep Stationery, Instasense, and MathU. 

Subsequently, after meeting with WA and Ilse, Lebho was appointed stationery clerk at Blue Sheep Stationery in charge of restocking shelves and running errands for the company. 

For the next year, Lebho showed his willingness to work hard and gradually received more responsibility. “I started at Blue Sheep and worked hard – up to a point where I found myself working as a trail camera technician for Instasense,” he said. 

Lebho quickly established himself as a dependable employee and was promoted to Operations Manager at MathU. “One day, WA approached me and asked if I wanted to oversee MathU’s CSI roll-out. It was a lot of responsibility, but something I was glad to accept,” he added.

Since then, Lebho has been in charge of preparing, delivering, and evidently the roll-out of MathU’s Android devices. 

“Before each launch, I must double-check all the devices and make sure there are enough SIM cards and SD memory cards. After that, I manually insert each Sim card and SD memory card, download the content onto the phones, and do a quick functionality test”. 

However, despite his preparations, each event is different and brings a set of new obstacles. “There’s always something new and tough to do, whether it’s registering students on the Dashboard or downloading and re-installing the latest MathU Infinity App’s APK”.

In only five years, Lebho defied expectations, continued to strive, and never became complacent. Lebho, we here at MathU recognise your hard work, and we applaud you!