MathU unveils innovative hybrid teaching model.

MathU Teaching Emporium has successfully implemented its hybrid teaching model at high schools, and the results have been remarkable.

At the start of 2021, we started a Beta run, delivering individualised learning solutions to approximately 2000 students across different schools. 

With our range of educational features, a mobile app, and dashboards, our company boasts an integrated learning platform that uses computer algorithms to create individualised learning solutions.

Once students download the app and register on the dashboard, they can access thousands of concept videos, exercises, and assessments – delivering content tailor made to their needs.

Even with our ecosystem’s innovative capabilities, many teachers were still complacent to cooperate with the new teaching model and, as a result, were hesitant to adapt to new change management.

Yet, after one of the school’s grade 8 mathematics and physical science teachers left, MathU assumed the role of teacher and became the sole educator for 150 students, relying solely on the app and appropriate content.

As a result, the group of students improved their mathematics and physical science marks by 31%, despite having a higher student-to-teacher ratio.

MathU keeps delivering real-world results

After two terms of actively engaging with the app, the students continued to show positive results, with more schools opting to sign on.

Suitably, to accurately capture the impact MathU has on participating schools and students, we arranged for three sister schools to write an unscripted test covering similar material. 

Despite that all three schools are managed by the same governing body, only two of them use the app proficiently – and the results speak for themselves! 

According to the results, Schools A and B scored 60% and above, while School C scored only 26%. This equates to a 38% difference between students who use the app and those who do not.

Evidently, by choosing MathU, schools, teachers, and students will benefit from our online adaptive learning platform and take the next step towards academic success.